CrustBuster Septic Tank Agitator

Crust Busters Septic Tank Agitator

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Crust Buster Online Store

Online Store

Visit our online store to buy your Crust Buster and accessories. We are excited to offer you online ordering for your convenience. Visit our store and order now to get your Crust Buster shipped out quickly.

Crust Buster Parts

CrustBuster Parts

We stock and supply all of the parts for the CrustBuster. If your in-house mechanic or preferred service supplier is looking for anything, we have what you need. Contact us for any parts needs you have.


Engine (cc)


Time in Tank (min)


Weight (lbs)


Shaft Length (in.)

Buster Brackets for Mounting

All aluminum, with a quick release. Mount your CrustBuster right on your pumper truck


We believe agitation saves aggravation. Try it and you’ll see…the CrustBuster saves you TIME and MONEY.

Power Head

A dependable and easy to start 2.5 hp motor with a high speed, durable transmission engineered with cold form, heat-treated gears encased in an all ball-bearing gear case.

Crust Buster power-head
Crust Buster Inset
The Inset

CrustBuster shafts are assembled to the power head with 3/8” allen screw. An allen wrench is included with the CrustBuster for Power Head removal or adding additional shaft extensions.

Throttle Assembly

The throttle assembly is easy to grip with the safety start switch, kill switch, and throttle all located on one assembly for ease of operation. It also fits directly in the Buster Brackets.

Crust Buster Handle
Crust Buster Extensions
Shaft Extensions

Shaft extensions are available in 2, 4, 6 and 9 foot lengths. The standard shaft length is 80 inches. The extensions allow the CrustBuster to be used in deeper tanks or hard to reach areas.

Two Blade Design

The 2 blade fold down propeller fits through a 4 inch pipe. Once through the pipe the blade expands to 13 inches in diameter during operation. This is our most popular configuration

Crust Buster 2 Blade
Crust Buster 3 Blade
Three Blade Design

The 3 blade propeller is non-collapsible and requires a 12 inch diameter hole or larger. It is interchangeable on the standard shaft and is a great candidate for car wash pits.

  • Portable and Lightweight

    The CrustBuster is a portable lightweight machine designed to agitate and mix up septic tanks, grease traps and car wash pits. It will circulate and agitate the crust, liquids, and solids into a total liquid form and make your job easier.

  • Field Tested

    The CrustBuster has been field tested and proven to mix a 1000 to 2500 gallon residential septic tank in 5 minutes or less. It is also the perfect machine to bust the crust in those tough and time consuming grease traps or agitate car wash pits.

  • Saves Time and Money

    The CrustBuster is a septic tank agitator that, when used on your job, will save you time and money. Through the use of engineered blades and high-power shaft rotation the CrustBuster creates a “lifting” agitation within your tank.

  • Agitate the Tank

    The high speed rotation of the CrustBuster allows the tank crust and solids to agitate and mix into an easily pumped slurry. The rotation of the blade lifts and removes solids and chunks off the bottom of the tank while pulling the crust off the top.

  • Easy to Use

    The CrustBuster actually pushes back at the operator when used. No back strain, no muscle – just results. It produces an easily pumped mixture, without back-flushing, that also saves you wear and tear on your vacuum pump and equipment.

  • Supported and Serviceable

    We have been in business over 20 years and are committed to helping you do your job easier and cheaper. We stand behind the CrustBuster. We are happy to service your CrustBuster and can provide any parts you may need.

The Crust Buster Septic Tank Agitator will save you Time and Money, order yours today.


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