How to Use a Crust Buster Septic Tank Agitator

13 Feb How to Use a Crust Buster Septic Tank Agitator

Are you wondering how to use a Crust Buster Septic Tank Agitator? You’re at the right place. This video will show you the basics, what the Crust Buster can to do to make your life easier and how it can save you time and money on your next job to pump out a septic tank or grease trap or even a car wash pit.┬áNothing is more aggravating than not having the right tool at hand to make your job easier. The right tool, at the right time equates to time saved and money earned.

The Crust Buster is used to mix the three layers of the septic tank into a total liquid form to eliminate the need for back-flushing.

Once you learn how to use a Crust Buster, you can do the average job in less than half the time. It is field proven and has demonstrated the ability to mix a 2000 gallon tank in less than 5 minutes. Time saved equals money earned. In addition, since the Crust Buster mixes the tank into a complete liquid form, it allows you pump the tank more thoroughly and thereby enhancing your reputation in your area.

How to use a Crust Buster on your truck

Getting from job to job with the Crust Buster is easy. We have heard many cases and multiple instances of feedback that the Crust Buster makes life easier. And one way to getting from job to job with the Crust Buster mounted in the hose bay of your pumper truck with our Buster Brackets. These aluminum mounts will hold the unit securely while you travel, and allow easy access when you need it. We also offer a power head cover to keep the dirt, dust and elements off of your Crust Buster Septic Tank Agitator.

Crust Buster Vinyl Cover
Crust Buster Brackets
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